Community Innovation and Collective Impact with Liz Weaver, Dunedin, Wed 25 March 2020

February 21, 2019

Dunedin has a proudtrack record of community-led innovation to address complex challenges andfoster caring, resilient communities. 

It’swell recognised that to solve complicated problems, we must be adaptable, focus on strengths, think holistically and support participation. Integrating these approaches with indigenous values and authentic community relationships boosts the potential for positive change. However, working in these new ways with a broad range of partners is not straightforward. New skill sets and tools are required.

Two frameworks — collective impact (CI) and community-led development (CLD) — offer flexible and practical guidance for those working to make change.  

This workshop will help change makers from diverse sectors (the community,government, funding, iwi/hapū and business): 

·  deepen their knowledge of community engagement, human-centred design and collective impact practices

·  identify barriers and opportunities for community-led and cross-sectoral work to advancew ellbeing in Dunedin

·  identify new tools and strategies to apply these practices/approaches in your role(s).

Participants will learn how to:

·  engagecommunity members to identify barriers and create bold visions 

·  effectively engagediverse audiences and sustain that engagement 

·  spark and supportcreative, community-led approaches

·  harness sharedleadership, with organisational and community perspectives working together tocreate change

·  work with the community to test new approaches.

This workshop is co-hosted by Inspiring Communities and Dunedin Community Builders, with support from the Dunedin City Council and the Otago Community Trust. 

Please be in touch if the cost is prohibitive – we would like to support grassroots groups without funding toattend. Contact

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